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Alien Cloudscape - Final Submissions Thread
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Default Alien Cloudscape - Final Submissions Thread - 08-24-2012, 08:04 PM

If you'd like to be considered for judging, you need to post your final entry to this thread.

Please only submit ONE image by posting a reply to this message. Remember to include your name, so we know who the entry came from! If you want to update your submission, that's fine - just edit your post before the end of the contest.

The final image must be delivered as a 4K 8-bit sRGB jpeg. That's way too big to view nicely in a forum, though - so we would like you to post your image to this thread at 1/4 of this size (1024x576), and add a LINK to the full res image.

This means you'll need to find an external site to host your images. As a reminder, there's is a sticky thread on how to do this HERE

This thread will be locked at midnight GMT on September 7th.

Very impressed with the number of WIP threads, and looking forward to seeing the final images.



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