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finally done !
this is my final wip where i did a lot of enhancement in the entire MP, i wasn't satisfied with my latest wip so decided to take some time to study how the cloud system work in reality, witch allowed me to learn a lot about the variety types of clouds and the their relative location in the atmosphere, then return back to improve this mp again. here are the latest steps i did :

- enhance the foreground clouds by using different types of Cumulus
- adding cirrus clouds in the high-level background clouds, i also used them for the float clouds
- closed the hole in the bottom to respect to concept but keeping it deforming ellipse shape to give it more reality looking
- add more atmospheric perspective for depth
- increase and decrease the range of tones in the highlights and shadows areas
- return back to my initial color balance and improve it to get the right mood

it was really challenging theme and a great opportunity in the same time, wanna thanks all guys behind this concept and wish good luck to everyone.
Thanks !


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