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Default 09-06-2012, 10:24 PM

Hey guys, about the Vue setup, Ive used volumetric clouds for the background layer, (the most far away near the horizon), to control the shape a little better and match a little more the concept.
The holes, and "path" formation was made with cloud materials, basically using tiled textures combined with curve shapes to drive the clouds formations...

Well, the renders are taking more or less like 3hs in Broadcast quality,
around 15hs in Superior and over 40hs in Ultra, default settings. Im combining different renders now in Photoshop to achieve my final look. I guess I needed more time to boost more details in 4k quality, but I got this brand new i7 pc just this final week :)

I wish I could make it all in one Vue scene, and now Im doing a camera maping too. Ill post them all soon.
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