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Default 10-17-2012, 07:25 PM

Hi Nick, thank you for your feedback.

I made a better search and came up with the idea that the 4K mode will only be useful if you want a 8 MegaPixel still of something moving fast. Indeed interesting for sports where you need your camera to be in the action while performing good in capturing the precise moment when the athlete reaches perfection :)

The new Hero 3 also films 2.7K at 30 FPS or 24 FPS, which is more interesting.

For what I usually do, all footage or mattes I need will end up at 1080p. The pricing on the camera is very attractive for it's size and overal footage quality.

I do not work on main feature films.

I am guessing that filming at 2.7K then resizing to 1080p, with a sharp filter will probably get quite interesting footage quality.

I think I will buy one, and try it. This will happen only in mid november so, when I have news I will post them here.
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