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I agree, 2.7k at 24fps is a more exciting prospect. Providing the sensor has a good range you could capture some great dmp plates with that. Although, does the GoPro have interchangeable lenses? From what I am aware it is a fixed lens camera, although I guess with those specs its a matter of time before someone hacks it to take different lenses...
I haven't seen a camera yet that has won me over enough to make a purchase, but between this, the Canon EOS and Cine cams, the Black Magic Cam and the Panasonic GH series (as well as the interesting things being done by RED and Sony), it seems like its a matter of time before a camera hits the market that has all the features that would convince me to upgrade from my 550D...
If you do buy the Hero3, I would love to see some of your test shots and get your reaction on how good it is for shooting vfx plates!



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