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Please give me input
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Default Please give me input - 09-23-2004, 02:43 AM

Hi Matte Painters,

i am new in the matte painting business and "hungry" :D
is there is anybody out there who likes to give me some advice? it would be very welcome.
so, what do i like to know....hmmm...the most interesting thing for me is how big should a painting for a feature film be? resolution...dpi...2 or 3 times bigger than the used image? what color profile do you use in photoshop and is that important anyway? if you send in a portfolio to a company and havenīt done paintings for movies befor, what would you send? printed portfolio or just a CD...
any other help is also welcome.
shortly about me....i am originaly from the illustration business...i mostley worked analog before (regular brush and airbrush) but switch more and more to the digital medium now.

ok thatīs it for now...thankīs in advance,

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