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Originally Posted by batera33
Hi Muni, well I agree with you that in a production enviroment it would be a waste of time, but maybe I didn't expressed myself well. When you work over a photo you work with some aspects that I think is important like:
- ligth and shadows
- perspectives
- color nuances
- development of observation

This kind of painting make you develop these things that are supposed knowed by a matte painter. So, it`s a step that comes before of the use of the photo by itself.

And of course, any creation that we make is based on things that we know, or have one idea. So in fact there`s no painting over something that doesn't exists.

If you really want to learn those things then you should draw and paint more from life to learn. You can also copy a photo , In which case you have to draw and decide color and value based on life. When you paint over , you won't learn as much.
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