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Originally Posted by nickmarshallvfx View Post
My suggestion is to slow down a little with these studies. They are great practice, but only if you are doing it right.
On your last one, the idea to remove the bridge is the sort of standard task that you could get on your first day on the job, but they would expect you to do more than just copy a section of trees from elsewhere in the image. Its a good starting point, but if people can see repetition in your image, it is a dead giveaway. You need to either pull in some trees that match closely from another reference, or change the existing trees to the point where they dont look like copies even under pretty close scrutiny.
You are on the right track, and starting simple is good, just make sure you are finishing these to the best level possible before moving on :)

Thanks. Yeah, will put more time into each piece. Though, I did not copy a section of trees from that image. I did it from another picture I took nearby, but they indeed now as you mention it, look like a copy & paste job.

Once again, thanks. :]
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