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I agree with comments above. This one is hard to comment as a matte painting, since the setting is so special. Beautiful colors, shapes, surfaces, and there are a lot of details to study - but getting a quick grip of it is a bit challenging.

If you don't mind couple of comments anyway: As mentioned - everything can be as they are since the subject allows it, but you could also try to define the thickness of water somehow (maybe some floating stuff or image disorder by water at the composition) and maybe turn down the glow of red lights and green spotlights and try instead to define them with the effect they make to the environment. For example red lights could reveal and reflect some parts of the surfaces they are fixed to and also green lights could hit something too etc. But again - the water could make the glow like that.

And even that above could be considered as critique which is not allowed here. So as a general subject I completely agree with Alex that we need also place to give critique. Current arrangement is somewhat weird that even the finished work should be posted to the WIP side first to get some critique. I'd love to have brutal crits if posting something someday. :-) For me there is still a difference between being an idiot and giving feedback or constructive - even brutal - crtitique.

edit: and I'm also looking forward for the next piece. Like the way you make the process transparent Rich. Just keep posting.

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