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How would do a pro? (Warscene)
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Default How would do a pro? (Warscene) - 04-05-2005, 04:32 AM

Hi! I'm new to mattepainting & have a big question:

we are planning a short movie about a city in our area, which was bombed by airplanes in the ww2. the story should tell about a young woman & how she solved each day during her house was bombed.

from this town, there are some photos from before this & after, but all black&white and not the best quality. how would do a pro out of this a mattepainting? (2 1/2 D) take the photos, colored it & add animated elements (smoke,...). or take some photos of buildings somewhere else, which are looking the same like this one before bombs fallen down? and add these buildings to the scenario?

hope you know what i mean! the challenge: change a town's face back about 60 years! (sorry about my bad english ;-)
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