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Default 05-05-2005, 03:15 AM

Dent: True, I guess there's always going to be some overlap. I've still found the Dusseault and Scheurer dvds helpful even if they sometimes go over stuff I'm already familiar with, or don't cover the entirety of what I'm after. Bit by bit, though.. it all comes together :)

Looking forward to yours Dylan, especially the 3rd one - sounds ace! I love how the arts community is so open about sharing techniques and knowledge.

Mogens Skjold Overbeck
Freelance Illustrator, Games Artist and Matte Painter
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Default 05-05-2005, 06:58 AM

This is a bit late and I've not read all the comments here but ..

I've got the two Dussos and the 2nd by Neville Paige along with 1 and 3 of the zbrush series. I've also got 2 techniques of Feng Zhu and C.L.S on the way. I can tell you what I would like by way of what is lacking in others. Bare in mind that all the DVD's I've seen I would heartily reccomend them and congratulate and thank everyone involved.

The most important thing you can do is talk, talk, talk. If yuo can articulate exactly wahts going through your mind as you're doing it then so much the better.

Firstly Dussos can be very sleep inducing. Not because they're rubbish but watching someone paint while they talk about and explain things that are obviously apparent from watching can be dull. Better still, do it live. Dussos first DVD is great. Some interesting snippets and its interesting to see his approach. I'd of preffered say 3 very different sketches painted in realtime rather than the 9 speeded up ones. Quality over quantity

DVD 2 should of been more focused. Theres not time to do a full film res/quality matte. I'd of prefered him to consentrate on say the castle and work that up to full pixel perfect quality. He mentions this level of quality many times but never demonstrates it. What techniques and tools do you use to make sure your 1:1 painting is pixel perfect and sharp in all the right ways?

Neville Paiges was interesting but technically I probably only picked up one or two things I didn't already know. But again, like Dusso, a lot of the value is in watching someone else work. Their approach. Their workflow. I could of just done with more information. Also for the price I think it would of provided better value if his first and second DVD's were bundled. I don't think there was enough just in the second to justify the price.

The zBrush ones I've only skimmed through atm. But what I saw looked fantastic. Lots of explanation of exactly he was doing and it was all in real time. The new ensharpen CODEC is great (although it should be bundled on the DVD).

I would also like key presses to be displayed on screen somehow. Even if its a little bit of text at the bottom left. I'm sure it possible to get this information while recording.

Oh and have a word with Gnomon about their extortionate delivary charges to the UK. YOU will lose money because of it. A DVD to the UK from the US costs at most $9. I know because I've bought all of mine from eBay. All new, sealed, and when you factor in the delivary about 50% cheaper. I can only assume Gnoman are using gold foil to wrap theirs in. If they reduced their delivary I would buy from them and you would get your royalties. Sorry about that.
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Default 05-05-2005, 07:34 AM

wow, looking at your work, it may be the best one yet. Ive only seen christian first dvd, and Im just starting so I dont have many suggestions other than I cant wait.

But maybe for people looking to get into the biz. it might be nice to see or workthrough a production type shot, either from a plate or from scratch. Possibly integrating the live footage into. Keying the greenscreen and color correcting actors to the matte. ??? maybe

Cant wait for it.
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