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Haze on Horizon - Photoshop
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Default Haze on Horizon - Photoshop - 05-01-2005, 06:11 AM


Was watching Dusso's DVD, and noticed how he used photoshop to create a soft haze on the horizon, simulating things getting lighter and softer as the go off in the distance.
He could then layer things behind this haze layer and they would also get softer and lighter as they moved into the horizon.

Any tips on how to use photoshop to do this? Im guessing you layer some kind of gradient, but im not sure how to do this, my results never turn out right.

Any help would be appreciated

J :P
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Default 05-01-2005, 01:34 PM

I've been using photoshop since it came out, but only the past couple years have I had a wacom pad. As long as I've used PS, it's still a very powerful app, and there's always something to be learned and tweaked to your own style.

I'm a process type of guy, and I too like to know how alot of what I see is created, but I've found that customizing brushes in conjunction with the use of my wacom only gets me close. There's not an exact science to achieving some of the results you see. It's more a matter of 'seeing' the painting develop as you work and taking into account some of the known rules in nature. Correct perspective, lighting direction and diffusion. Not over stamping and creating repetitive elements that don't occur in nature.

My main problem is that I see the brush strokes in my work and It's hard for me to get beyond seeing everything as digital brush strokes. I started working more on adjusting my wacom sensitivity to a more correct brush stroke and laying down the color in a more painterly fashion.

ok, writing a book here...emulate what's real. I'm certainly not good yet, so I'm still working n my sketching skills.
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Default 05-11-2005, 07:42 AM

Well JohnnyBGoode I can tell you exactly how he does it but I warn you you are going to be kicking yourself because you already know the answer.

make a new layer
grab an airbrush
Pick your sky colour (close to the horizon)
with a soft airbrush paint over your background elements
then go in and erase any mid/foreground stuff that shouldn't be hazy
finally play with the layer opacity to get what you want.

Bake for 35 min at 350 degrees
let cool for 20 min
serves 5

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