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Work in Progress WIP to Critique

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Cityscape: desert city :
de gerardo is Offline
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Default Cityscape: desert city : - 09-28-2006, 07:28 AM

Hi all my friends. I have ready my latest professional work. I have authority for publish. This is for feature film. Release date is 2007. I used Photoshop and Painter and final is in Layers in PSD. For more informations about me, please contact me via e-mail. I hope, that you like it. Thank you for all ;) of course the second image is from the final animation...

Digital Artist, Matte-Painter, Concept Art...
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Default 09-28-2006, 09:39 AM

Very nice matte, mate :wink:
I really like it

Maybe it's too bright and yellow on the left side since it is sunset situation.

The water falling down from waterfall looks too blurry I think.
Also, It seems you have some perspective problem with the central structure... maybe it's because of the sign in the middle. It doesn't seem to have right perspective. Maybe in moving shot, it will look fine, but how it is, it looks a little weird. - try mapping it on a plane and position it in 3d in same way, and you'll see, if it's right. Well, maybe it's right... It's just my opinion.

and one last thing. The fence (or how you call it) on the right should gain different ammount of light, since it is curved. The sticks facing the sun directly should be more lit, than the sticks on the end of the fence - the sun is hitting them from big angle, so they should be darker.

The city and rocks are great.

Very cool painting.

btw. what's the film's name?

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Hi Gerardo,
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Default Hi Gerardo, - 09-28-2006, 10:28 AM

Hi Gerardo,

Some cool textures, but some sloppy details (artifacts) too.

When delivering to the postproduction company, I would tweak those like the cut out of the fence on the left. Lots of floating pixels. Also some borderlines here and there.

Logo on roof needs some tweaking too.

Thanks for sharing.


What was the name of the movie?
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Default 09-29-2006, 01:45 AM

I agree with Deke N. Wilkins about the logo and the fance.

Anyway great matte bro!
I like your 2D mattes, more than your 3D.

Keep up!
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