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How to begin?
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Posts: 41
Join Date: Apr 2005
Default How to begin? - 05-19-2005, 11:54 PM

Hey guys. I've been lurkin' around the site for quite a bit and I got interested in matte painting more than ever (thanks.... lol)

How would you start painting?

I can see there are two types where you paint just with photoshop brushes like how Dusso does and the other, manipulating photos together to make a painting (photo, or 3d model.. any outer sources.)

those two types aside, I was wondering what would be the best way to get started and practice matte painting.

I know it's a noob question and sorry heh.

Thanks in advance! God bless!

He says 'Hi.'
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Location: Phoenix, AZ
Default 05-20-2005, 12:55 AM

Welcome to the forum.

Just reading your post, I was struck with your notion that
there are 2 "types" (at least) of matte painting or matte painters.
There's brush painters and photo collagers. Then there are those
3D types. Possibly others.

I think, for starters, you'd be well ahead of the game to realize
that matte painting isn't this technique "OR" that technique.
Matte painting is a problem to be solved- "how do I make this
shot look photoreal?"
Solving the problem is a process of choosing among MANY different
techniques to find the one(s) that best solve the problem.

Think this "AND" that, not this "OR" that.

No matte artist I know (including Dusso) only uses one approach.
Learn as many as you can. The approaches that work best for you
are the ones to use.

Rick Rische
Digital Matte Artist
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Location: Trinity, Florida
Default 05-20-2005, 01:27 AM

Im just getting into the more technical end of it, Id say a well rounded knowledge of your painting tool, painter, or photoshop are the biggies.

1. But to start, like I am (still noob), know your painting app, all the tools.

2. And maybe stitch a panorama together, out of 2-3-4 images.

3. Then those Gnomon DVDs are the way Im learning the pro techniques.

4. gazing in awe here at the gallery is a good motivator, as well.
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Posts: 41
Join Date: Apr 2005
Default 05-20-2005, 03:45 PM

thanks to both rrische and roguenroll's replies =)

rick- Definitely rick! I agree with you hundred percent, hehe I wasn't trying to differentiate the different 'types' of mattepainting, I know there are alot and sometimes one works good and other times different technique or mixture of techniques work the best.
I was just trying to ask what would be a good way of starting matte painting all different 'types', aside. =)

Roguenroll- yea watching these matte's in this site sure is a good inspiration(er) lol. and those gnomon dvd's are very helpful.

Thanks again for the replies!

He says 'Hi.'
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